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Boreham House Kim and Paul Sneak Peek

Boreham House Kim and Paul Sneak Peek

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A Boreham House Wedding

We arrived at Boreham House and went to find Kim who was with ¬†her family and bridesmaids, they were all busy preparing for Kim’s wedding day.

After getting some details shots it was off to find the men who had just arrived at Boreham House, it was going to be a great wedding day the weather was behaving and the rain clouds were keeping at bay.

It was then time to return to Kim and get some photographs of the bride prep, the job of lacing up the bride and bridesmaids was down to kim’s Dad who did a grand job.

the wedding guests were arriving and taking their seats ready for the ceremony, and after a few lovely tears of joy from Dad, Kim walked down the aisle to marry Paul.

The days shoot was going perfectly,  with rain holding off just until managed to finish! Then, due to a rather heavy rain shower everyone took their seats ready for the wedding breakfast.

We would like to wish Kim and Paul a fantastic honeymoon.

by Tony Bramley

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