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Cheap Wedding Photography? Is it Possible?

Cheap Wedding Photography

Cheap Wedding Photography.  Well, surprisingly, coming from us here at Storm Photography, the answer is…. yes probably!


We have to turn so many weddings away due to low budgets that we thought it was time to help those couples out there who are working on a very tight budget but still want to ‘hopefully’ ensure that the best day of their lives contains some good memories.

Looking around you will find a huge range in wedding photography prices. This is not surprising, as with other aspects of your day, you will find the same thing.

Why? Well simply because of experience & standards. Its true “You get what you pay for”.


Cheap Wedding Photography

So how do you go about choosing a cheap wedding photographer?

Here are a few pointers to help you:-

(please note that we do not accept responsibly for the failure of any of the options below and all carry a degree of risk)

Friends: If you really want cheap wedding photography & really do not have no budget at all, then this is possibly your only option. Who in your friends has a reasonable camera? Are they any good at organising? Are they happy to be out in front of the crowd talking to everyone? Are you prepared to possibly lose a friend if things go wrong.  (please don’t be upset if the results are not so good. They are not professionals and are trying to help you out)? Are you happy to give them the responsibilty? Take a good look at their own photos, if they seem OK to you, it could be worth a go!

Students: If you can find a #photography student, this could be an option if no friends want to take on the responsibility. It is with risk! We see all sorts of standards from students and generally they do not have a broad understanding of technique or light. However, they should be able to operate the basics of a camera and will be keen. Again take a look at a good range of their work to see what you think. They may not have any weddings but if they have some portraiture that you are happy with, then they may be able to do better than your friends. Some may do the photography for free but if you are happy with the results, think about giving them some money for there work.

Camera Clubs: When you only have a small budget than this one I would favour to the above (as well as to the cheaper, so called ‘professional photographers’).  There are some excellent amateur photographers around in the club circuit. They may not have the experience and knowledge of a professional #wedding photographer, however the higher grade members will know how to handle a camera. If they are happy to, ask them to shoot in raw format and also in manual to ensure that the images are correctly exposed. Often they will not be charging very much for their time as they just want the experience and can use your wedding for this.

Cheap Wedding Photography: This is where the minefield begins! And this is where the term  “You get what you pay for” really starts. There are 1000’s of amateur photographers at this level, that are selling themselves as ‘professionals’ to make a bit of money at weekends. Additionally there are some ‘early professionals’ who are possibly not going to be around many years once they realise they cannot maintain a business on low rates, or cannot maintain a business on poor quality and service standards. Some we see at wedding fairs and we are quite frankly appalled at the quality of the work. SO……… How do you choose?

Well first, do take a look at a higher end professionals work.  Just to see the quality at that end of the world. See images in print so you can really see what the quality is like. You will now have an idea of what high quality work is like, so when you start looking at the lower levels, you will have an idea of higher standards.

Do not expect the same high standards when aiming at budget photographers. Be happy that the pictures are exposed correctly, not too bright or too dark, that the colours look correct  People are in focus and not blurred (look very closely at pictures in albums for this).  Look out for poor quality printing and ‘noise’ (pixillation) from poorly shot images where they try to cover things up.  Also that the posing is good and they pay attention to detail.   Detail is the let down of inexperience.

They may not have a professional accreditation and may not be insured so make sure you are happy with this as you may only have the courts to help if things go wrong.

It is unlikely they will have a second photographer for #photojournalistic work, so make sure you are happy with the level of coverage being offered.

Check to see if they carry spare equipment in case of failures, as well as a back up plan in case they are ill.

If you can look VERY closely at their work and believe that you would be happy to trust them to shoot your wedding, then they should go onto your shortlist. Do check more than one at the budget end. You need to trust this person with recording the best day of your life.

How bad are some cheap photographers?  Well we have seen a couple in the last 6 months, at wedding fairs, that were charging from £300. We thought that they were over priced when we looked at their work!

What if it all goes wrong?

Ask to seem them in person immediately. Discuss what has happened and how they may be able to correct any issues. If you are still unhappy seek advice from a qualified professional. When couples come to us for advice after having a bad experience with another photographer. Sometimes we are able to rescue some images (we do need permission from the author).

If all else fails, seek help from Citizens Advice regarding seeing the photographer. Unfortunately many couples only get their money back, which is not good enough. If a photographer has ruined the memories of your day you should seek compensation.

Help, I still have not got my memories?

Sometimes we can give some help to couples who have been let down. We can provide a post wedding shoot, even if it is only the two of you. Contact your venue and tell them what happened. We can still get some amazing feature shots for you and alongside some informal shots. Also we can provide you with a small album that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Why is Storm Photography giving advice for low budget weddings?

We have seen the disappointment from couples, who opted for cheap wedding photography, who come to us for advice. We know that this sector of the market is not for us. However, we still believe you should try to understand the basic services and standards to help you be happy on your wedding day. Furthermore we also know there are couples out there who end up realising that maybe a ‘cheap photographer’ was the wrong idea. These couples may end up spending less on something else and use the extra money for a good quality photographer.

Hopefully you will only have this day once. What is left after the wedding day? The photographs, make sure you take the time to look at what you are getting, so you can look back and see some very special memories as the years go by.

You may want to check out our website page: Choosing a Wedding Photographer. Remember cheap wedding photography. you get what you pay for.

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