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Unlike many other photographers offering photography training, Tony is a QUALIFIED TRAINER.

Tony holds three training qualifications covering; one to one training, group training, as well as organisation and assessment of training.
Tony has undergone courses in business studies & planning at Templeton Business College, Oxford. Photography training is based on you going away with a thorough understanding of the course content.

We provide high quality photography training for both professional and amateur photographers. Our photography training is bespoke and geared to each individuals training needs. Tony has recognised training qualifications that are training specific rather than industry specific. This ensures you gain the understanding and knowledge you need, which cannot be gained on seminars or mentoring processes. If you are brand new to photography and just need to gain an insight into some basic photography, or wish to develop further, up to a professional level, our photography training will get you to your goals. You can be sure that you will actually learn, through the process. Training is carried out both from our home office and also locations within the local Essex area.

‘The best photography/software course I’ve ever undertaken.”

“I hope Tony can be persuaded to run subsequent courses really enjoyable day. Paul”

“Tony has a lovely laid back style which I find easy to follow. He clearly knows his stuff & I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I whole heartedly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their photography.”

“Brilliant. Very good teaching manner. Just the right amount of technical explanation. Everybody enjoyed the day. Very patient model in Hannah.”

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Mastering Light in the Studio:
£30 per person: Model provided – 4 People only on an evening session.
Learn how to control light and produce creative portraiture.

Basics of Photography – 1 Day Course:
Bespoke One to One or up to Four.
Groups of four: £80 each
One to One: £360

Studio Portraits – 1 Day Course:
Bespoke One to One or up to Four.
Groups of four: £80 each
One to One: £360

Location Portraits – 1 Day Course:
Bespoke One to One or up to Four.
Groups of four: £80 each
One to One: £360

One to One Training: We can also split the following courses between 2 people if you prefer and split the cost accordingly

Basic Image Editing – Beginners – Half Day – £150

Advanced Image Editing – Full Day – £320

Capture and Editing with Raw Files – Half Day – £150

Photoshop Editing with Layer Masks – Full Day – £320

Photo Restoration – Half Day – £150

Colour Management , Calibration and Profiling – Two Hours – £75
(off site – £100)

Wedding Photography – Basics – One to One Session – Full Day – £380

Wedding Photography – The Full Shoot – One to One Session – Three Days – £600

Creative Wedding Lighting – One to One Session – Full Day – £380

The Wedding Business – Essentials for Strategic Development – £400 (included’s post training business plan review)

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