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Two Photographers versus One Photographer

Two Photographers versus One Photographer

Not sure whether to book two photographers or one?

Let the battle begin.

Advantages of two Photographers

More Photographs.

Better detailed  coverage of wedding day.

Second photographer devoted to capturing photojournalism photography during the reception.

Second Photographer will be getting lots of those photos you love missed by one photographer who will be busy taking the group photographs.

Advantages of One Photographer

Less Photographs.

Less detailed coverage of Wedding Day.

No informal shots during the reception.

None of those informal photos you love as one photographer will be busy taking the group photographs.

Less, Less, No & None… That would be no advantages then 🙁


Weddings packages that include two photographers are important because your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  Why would you not want the maximum coverage and as many photographs that you can have.

The special moments of the day are not missed as a second photographer is there to ensure that they capture them.

We have been photographing weddings for over 20 years and have tons of experience of a wedding day. We know how easily moments could be missed. That is why a second photographer is so important.  They will be looking and watching to take that very important picture. The photo that you love from your wedding day.

This is what could be missed on your wedding day, something to think about before you book your wedding photographer.

All our packages include two photographers, if your wedding photography is important to you, then please take a look at our website. Remember two photographers are always better than one.

Please also like us on Storm Photography facebook. What are you waiting for give us a call this week.


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