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New Wedding Album

Excited at the arrival of the first of our two new wedding albums:

Wedding Album

Now and again  a product comes along that just fits so well in what we do with our wedding photography and our style of work at weddings.

This is what this first of our new albums is all about.

It just oozes quality and style and works perfectly for what we like to offer our couples who want to go somewhere new with their wedding album.

This beautiful album is compliment by a personalised art case.  This has a huge range of options and so can be very personal to the Bride & Groom.

With our new sample, we have taken an opportunity to produce, for the first time, a totally black & white album.

With the Anthracite Grey Maple Covers and Tintoretto Art  Paper, married with our black & white PJ images we have produced an exceptional album for an exceptional day in every couples life.

Classic is back, in a new way, with in our very own Contemporary Classic Album.

We are very proud of the album. Come and see why by giving us a call on 01206 212542

Wedding Album art album art album

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