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Wedding Photographer Essex Do You Need Help In Choosing

Wedding Photographer Essex do you need help in choosing

Wedding Photographer Essex do you need help in choosing

Wedding Photographer Essex. This is one of the most important decisions of your wedding day make the right choice.

When you are planning your wedding day you want everything to be perfect, as you want lots of happy memories to treasure for the rest of your life.

Essex Wedding Photographer

As this is also for most couples something that they have never done before. Maybe a little help is needed. Once you have booked your wedding venue you have your starting point for all your wedding plans.

Hopefully one of the next things on your list will be booking your wedding photographer, but who do you choose.  Everyone has a budget for their wedding day, so you know how much you want to spend on your photography.

It is a good idea to book the best photographer that you can afford, as you do get what you pay for.  It is a mine field when it comes to deciding who you would like to photograph your wedding day.

Wedding Photographer Essex, Furthermore Storm Photography offers everything on the list below, so you know that you are booking a photographer who is highly qualified and skilled ensure that you do not need to worry on your wedding day.


One thing that is not on the list is that we are recommended at many of the best wedding venues in Essex including Milsom Weddings at Le Talbooth Le Maison, Layer Marney Towers, The Barn Great Tey, Wivenhoe House, Prested Hall, Colchester Town Hall, Colchester Castle, Reid Rooms to name just some. Also Suffolk wedding venues including Smeetham Hall Barn, Woodhall ManorDove Barn and many more.

This is a check list to help with your decision on your Wedding Photographer Essex. Hope it helps.

Credentials –

How do you go about
choosing a photographer?

Qualified – with Royal Photographic Society – Peace of mind for a professional standard.

Full-Time Professional: – Not an inexperienced amateur.

Two Photographers: – Extensive coverage with minimum time away from guests.

Photojournalism: – A dedicated separate photographer shooting for emotion.

Creative Work: – A dedicated separate photographer for creative wedding photography.

Style: – A distinct style that fulfills the look you want for your wedding.

Posing: – Attention to detail to ensure you are captured at your best.

Well Established: – Many part-time amateurs give up after they have ruined a wedding a year or two in :(

Being Qualified

Experienced: – With 20 years experience we know what pitfalls to look for in shooting weddings.

Professional Equipment: – Professional quality lenses provide higher quality images.

Back-up: – We always carry spares. We have options for being ill. We have Professional Indemnity and
Public Liability insurance. We have LOTS of experience.

Album Quality: – An album will be treasured forever and a fabulous investment
therefor it should reflect the quality of the photography.

16-bit Raw Capture: – 16-bit Raw capture provides much higher quality in the final image.
Many amateurs are shooting jpegs.

Editing: – Final images are always edited to a high standard.

Image/Print Quality: – Even with a USB of images, you should view professionally hand finished prints to assess the quality
of the photographers skill in pre and post production.

Calibration & Profiles – Ensure photographers understand working with regularly calibrated monitors and
understand the different profiling for prints and image discs.

Trust – As you can see, many factors need considering when asking someone to record the most important
day in your life. Many things on a wedding day are over the next day, but your photographic memories
will be there forever, which is why booking the right photographer is so important.

Our Awards:

Wedding Photographer Essex

Wedding Photographer Essex


BIPP MPA L&E 2008-2

award14 landscape

award14 press pr-1




SWPP Wedding Album Finalist 2005

SWPP Wedding Portfolio Finalist 2004

Digital Finalist 2004

SWPP Portrait Finalist 2003

Wedding Photographer Essex


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