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Wedding Smile

Wedding Smile

 Wedding smile… quite an important thing actually.

Wedding Smile

Little is said about Mandy’s photography in these blog posts, so I thought it was about time I put it right.

We see a lot of local photojournalism wedding photography that should quite frankly be put in the trash. Why?  Well so many professional photographers just do not go for emotion and end up with lifeless images.


As Mandy has developed her informal shooting style.   She has understood that the role of the ‘PJ’ photographer at a wedding is just as important as the main shoot. So we do not take our photojournalism wedding photography lightly.  It is her role to capture the true essence of this important emotional day. Love, happiness, tears, surprises, the looks, the story, the things that the Bride & Groom miss. She does it exceptionally well to the point I do not believe anyone locally can do better.


This is a style of wedding photography is a hard discipline to learn and do well. Just compare the images on the link below with other photographers and you will see a big difference in Mandy’s skill at capturing the moment. I actually have it easy at weddings as I have the luxury of posing and producing my images with the couple and guests (with some creative flair I hope).

Decisive Moment

So its all about being in the right place at the right time and having the eyes to recognise the ‘decisive moment’ to capture the shots that brings the final wedding album to life.

Its a very fluid discipline that means getting in amongst the guests and becoming part of them so you can blend in and people watch. So its all about letting things happen naturally and letting the guests do their own thing.

The venue, the backgrounds the lighting, its just all about the people and the wealth of expression they bring.

As we like to say… A Smile is the Gateway to the Heart.

Some Favourite Moments

Getting Married

Are you looking to get married soon take the time to take a look at some of our work.

Wedding Smile

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