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Wedding Video on a Smart Phone!

Is it possible to shoot your wedding video with just a smart phone… really!!!

Well take a pop over to this weeks BBC Click programme (link at bottom) to see what is really possible.

They filmed the whole show using smart phones to see how the technology coped. The show is actually astounding considering the equipment used and does show what can be done.

So what about your wedding?

Well here’s the thing…you will not be getting the quality of a pro wedding videographer. However if the cost of video is not a high priority, it is worth considering. Over the last 10 years we have seen a huge decline in wedding videographers attending weddings, with more couples wanting to weight their budget towards high quality photography.

So if you have decided not to employ a professional videographer…..take a look at some of your friends and families smart phone movies.

What should you do????

Only shoot the key parts, don’t go for the whole thing and limit each part as a small excerpt to keep editing time down (a big frustration on the Click programme). Don’t expect good sound, but think about a backing track for the final movie:

Arriving at ceremony
Bride coming down the isle
Vows (sound will be poor or non-existent, but a few seconds with background music will be fine)
Exchange of rings
The kiss
Signing register
Bride & Groom coming back down the isle
Nice key shot of you both while photographer is shooting a feature shot of you both.
A few snips of you mingling
Announced in at the wedding breakfast
A few snips of speeches *
Cutting the cake
First Dance**

* These you could do for the whole period but speeches could be too long. If you have got the battery life and memory go for it. Also think about just leaving the phone on something sturdy until it finishes.

** Again just leaving the phone on something sturdy will help, the big problem is light levels during dancing.


Use a firm surface to stop ‘wobbly’ video as much as possible. We not saying go out and buy a tripod but here are a couple of £10-£15 options on Amazon:

We wary of low light conditions
Use an App that gives control over focus, exposure & colour if you can
Forget sound and go for a music dub afterwards
Keep it short to minimise editing – Click did all their editing with Apps but it was a headache for them. Your wedding will not be intense as a 8 phone set up, but it will still take some time.

Don’t expect a slick, polished wedding video, get a pro if this is what you want.
Whoever does the filming, don’t expect the ‘earth’ from them. Just say, “go and have some fun for us, if you mess up, it doesn’t matter”. At worst, you will have no less than if you had not mentioned it. AT BEST, you may end up with something better than what the rest of your guests shot that you are glad you asked for.

You will have amazing wedding photography if we are shooting your stills 🙂

Click Programme link here



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